NetEnt was established in 1996 and is a Swedish online gaming software and games provider that have been providing online casinos with games since 2002. Since then their online games portfolio has increased to over 340 high quality innovative games. The also supply back-office functionality to the online casinos that take their games. To see which online casinos operate on NetEnt software, please see: .

How do NetEnt slot games work?

The question often arises as to how an online slot games provider can provide so many games to fill a Vegasbusyard to so many casinos without compromising security and always ensuring fair casino play. The answer is simple. In stead of providing each online casino with a software package that has to be installed, all the games are hosted on NetENt's own central servers and the casino acts as an intermediary.

The back office software is made available to casinos in modules depending on their needs but like the games, is also centrally hosted. This approach brings the following advantage to the fore: It is secure - this means that no unauthorised personnel can change the base code of the games or mess with the return to player percentage as no-one besides the NetEnt developers have access to the game code.

  • NetEnt software is centrally hosted
  • Casinos act as intermediaries
  • No-one can tamper with the game code

What does the Casino have to do?

The fact that the games are hosted centrally, does not mean that the casino can sit back and just watch the money roll in. In fact, their job is even bigger and sometimes more complex. Online casinos have to ensure that players are marketed to. They have to create bonuses to attract new players and also promotional offering to keep players playing with their casino.

Furthermore the online casinos have to make sure that the money flow, between them and the players, is managed and that they collect monies in, i.e player deposits and reversely that they make sure that when players withdraw their funds, that the money is released. All bonus offers must be agreed on by NetEnt as there are firm conditions against bonus dumping attached to these bonus offers.

How are NetEnt payout pools formed?

Players playing NetEnt games, regardless of the casino, in essence take part in one huge lottery. NetEnt, as the organiser takes between 1.5% and 10% of the fund amount. All bets by players at a selected slot are added up, the current winnings are subtracted and the rest of the fund is divided among players in the form of huge winning payouts. This is all managed with a central data centre.

Are NetEnt bonuses free?

The official answer is no. Every NetEnt bonus comes with wagering requirements attached. This means that the player is required to wager through the bonus amount a number of times before that bonus amount and its associated winnings are converted to a cash amount that can be withdrawn. Bonus money is a great tool to allow players to learn games but they are certainly not free.

  • The casino is responsible for marketing to the player
  • Player on NetEnt games partake is a lottery
  • Bonuses are not free to the player or the casino
  • An RNG cannot be tampered with

Is the NetEnt random number generator really random?

An RNG is a sophisticated mathematical algorithm that ensures that every reel spin is completely random and unpredictable. The RNG of NetEnt games are regularly tested and verified by an independent lab. All games are verified against this RNG before they hit the market and are certified as fair to the players. Tests are also performed by gambling regulators to ensure that NetEnt and the Casino provides fair gameplay to players.


And in conclusion

For NEtEnt to provide gaming software to an online casino required work for both parties. The games are hosted centrally and securely preventing unauthorised people to make changes to the code. Also the RNG that the casino games run on needs to be verified my an independent test lab on a periodic basis. On the casino side, the operator needs to ensure that the player's money flow is taken care of.